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ABC Centreville Cycling Club Hill Climb 2018

Ben Stead digging deep for the line, 1 second off 3rd place (photo Geoff Read)

Four ABC Centreville Riders rode well at the West Pennine Hill Climb on Blackstonedge on Sunday 3th September 2018, which was blessed with a slight tail wind. Family bragging rights went to Janine McGregor who finished an impressive third in the women’s race, whereas Ben was ‘only’ 4th!  Janine did 11.27, behind winner Sarah Lewthwaite, Team Sportslab who clocked 10.35. What made Janine’s ride particularly noteworthy was that she has mainly run up to now, and had only ridden a bike a handful of times! We look forward to watching her progress over the next year with Centreville.

ABC Centreville Cycling Club Hill Climb 2018

Janine McGregor enjoying herself far too much on Blackstonedge (photo Nick Holmes)

In the men’s race Tristan Watson was an early starter and this was also his first ever race on a bike, so he made a good start with a respectable 9.42 for 12th place. Andy McLaughlan pushed hard for 8.45 and 5th place, and Ben Stead was up on the bars sprinting for the last 400m for 8.24 and 4th, with just one tantalsing second separating him from 3rd place. The men’s race was  won by Martyn Stewart of east Lancs Road Club in 7.51

ABC Centreville Cycling Club Hill Climb 2018

Tristan Watson just “Went for it the whole way” in his first competition on the bike (photo Nick Holmes)

ABC Centreville Cycling Club Hill Climb 2018

Andy McLaughlin getting into the hurty part (photo Geoff Read)

ABC Centreville Cycling Club Hill Climb 2018

Ben Stead pushing hard half way up and that’s definitely a grimace not a smile (photo Nick Holmes)

Team honours were taken by Bury Clarion, but I’m pretty sure Centreville ate more sandwiches in the Red Lion afterwards, with Andy Bolton, Rob Taylor and myself peerless in the gluttony competition – it’s a matter of club pride after all.

ABC Centreville Cycling Club Littleborough

Ben, Janine, Andy and Tristan: great on a bike, rubbish at eating maximum butties

Janine picking up her prize for 3rd: let’s see if she’s still smiling half way up the Nick o’ Pendle in a couple of weeks!


Why not come and race or just ride with Centreville? Get in touch (there will be sandwiches)

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