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ABC Centrville trackie Jon Taylor with an update on his experiences returning to racing on the track at Manchester Velodrome:

“After a few years away from the track I regained my accreditation and  decided to have a go at track racing in the Friday night Manchester Regional Track League (MRTL) for the 2016/17 season, which ran from October through April.

With my race number nervously  pinned on I joined the first Friday event as a group 2 rider in the first race of the evening, a 1000 metre, 4 lap sprint which had finished before I had got my head in gear: what an introduction! I didn’t suffer in vain and was offered help and support from more seasoned racers, young and old – it’s great comradeship within the sanctum of the ‘D’.

ABC Centreville Cycling Club Manchester track racing

There’s something about pinning a number to your Centreville Jersey

It became apparent that group 2 was a little optimistic and managed to get myself relegated (voluntarily of course!) to group 1, where I hoped I would at least be competitive. With a selection of gear ratios and a skin suit I got set again for Group 1, and quickly found myself finishing safely in the bunch in each of the 6 races through the evening.

With the  Centreville colours being recognised again, and half a point here and a point there, and with my name being broadcast over the PA system and on the giant scoreboard, I had found my level and the points started to role in……..ish! Although competing well in the scratch, priemes, kilo and ‘unknown distance’ races (very odd)  I found my track legs most in the elimination race and the points race or ‘Belgian Crowd Pleaser’ as its also known amongst us trackies.

With a heady 9.5 points gathered over my first season on the MRTL I will now begin my track training sessions again for the 2017/18 campaign from October. However the highlight was a Manchester Wheeler suggesting that the Centreville kit was the best around. Job done.”

If you’d like to join Jon and try some track riding ready for the October to April Season, why not get in touch?

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