Members information

Centerville cycling club time trialling

Come and ride with us: members include recreational riders; road race winners like Louis (2nd L); time trialists like Danny (6th L); and Mandy, women’s world road race champion (2nd R) yes, those stripes are real! Club sec Nick is on the far R.

How to Join Centreville

We’d love to have you aboard: £16.00 for Senior Membership (over 18’s),  Please visit our page on the the British Cycling website

Juniors (16-18’s) and under 16’s now free in their first year with the club. Family membership available, and we welcome non-cycling social members who’d like to be involved or help with organising. Enquiries via the contact page

Current Officials

President: John Drake / Chairman: Nigel Bishop / Treasurer: Leila Taylor / Secretary: Nick Holmes / Clothing: Jon Taylor / CTT & BCF: P.Deary / Website: Geoff Read / Welfare & Rider Support: Jon Taylor

Club communication

The main hub is the Centreville Forum  The forum is the best way to find out what rides and events are happening day-t0-day, so please use it – all members are on it and the information is easy to find and organised – it’s private and moderated to keep everything friendly. Social media tend to create small groups who don’t reach the whole club (and tend to annoy each other!) and we like to avoid that. To join the forum you need to be a paid-up member, and we need your email–send your details through the contact page and we’ll set you up: you can’t register directly.

We also have: Facebook here; Twitter here which are more used for broadcasting to the wider public.

Centreville Strava group

If you join our Strava club your latest rides will show up on the website and we will all be impressed and wish we were doing it instead of reading about it.

Club clothing

We encourage all members to ride in club strip – it’s a great feeling to ride and race in club colours, motorists treat us with more respect, and it lets other riders know that there is a good club to join in their locality.

Centreville club kit

Let’s face it, you’ll look mighty fine in this

The classically stylish club kit currently made by Biemme and can be purchased when we have an order open. Contact Jon Taylor via the contact page for more information. Here is a PDF of the Biemme catalogue: Biemme Custom Clothing 2018

We also have some kit in stock for immediate purchase, including: short sleeve Jersey (small, medium & large), blue shorts in large and black shorts in medium. Whatever you need, Jon will help sort you out, he always looks the bee’s knees himself!