Mar 262018
ABC Cenreville Cycling Club Manchester and South pennines

Jon digging in at the crest of Mow Cop (photo Velo 29 Primal Cycling Events)

A good day indeed for best bikes

Jon Taylor reports on his day out:

‘Remember Its not a race and abide by rules of the highways at all times’ the Tannoy announcer declared as at 8am on a sunny Sunday morning in excess of 2500 riders left Queens Park in Crewe for the start of the 110mile/1700m of climb annual Cheshire Cat Sportive.

Myself and cohort for the day Ed Munro began to ride through the groups like domestiques on bottle duty in a grand tour, often using cars to ‘get back in’ as we headed out to the first challenge of the day – the well named ‘killer mile climb’ one Mow Cop with a 25% gradient finish. We were held up at the rail crossing at the bottom, which helped us to assess the competition and their steeds for the climb ahead. Grimacing and gurning over the top………. don’t forget to smile for the waiting camera!

As the early morning mist burnt off and the roads dried, the decision not to go for full winter gear was rewarded and with gloves in the back pocket we pressed on through the first feed station after 37 miles and over Biddulph Moor, Rudyard and Gun Hill through feed station 2 for a quick comfort break, refueling and pressing on through the rolling Cheshire countryside with lead-out trains forming and with the Centrville colours pulling hard and on the rivet, fuelled by illusions of grandeur and Cherry Bakewell gels

Quickly refuelling at FS3 after 78miles, the run for home began through flatter sections and with tired legs smaller groups formed at a steady pace, with the occasional ‘lump’ sending riders backwards as the legs were beginning so say ‘enough is enough son;’ after 5hrs plus of riding…….

Rolling back into Crewe and retracing our steps into Queens Park the legs gave a little extra to finish with a kind of sprint for the awaiting and adoring crowds……….

Medal round neck and as the vision came back, I was thanked by 2 other unknown riders for my work on the front; indeed it was a good day for best bikes……… especially in the green of Centerville.


Route of the Cheshire Cat Sportive

Event website

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