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Mandy Bishop winning the 1982 UCI World Road Race Championship on the Goodwood Circuit


Centreville welcomes women riders to any of our club runs and events, whatever your experience or speed.

Please get in touch and we’ll direct you to a suitable group ride to try, or we can get one of our women members to contact you first if you prefer that. In case you are just getting started we are looking to run some beginner rides later in the year, so you can register an interest in those too. You will get advice from very experienced racing and recreational riders, including Mandy Bishop, seen above winning the World Championship road race and now a relaxed recreational rider. For posts related to women in Centreville click here

Charlotte Boothman (previously Gorman)

Charlotte has joined Centreville recently after a very strong first season of time trialling and hill climbing last year, including a sub-hour 25 on the West Pennine/VTTA 25 on the A56 near Pendle, knocking an impressive 1 minute 43 off the record for the Eva Benson trophy, making her the first woman under the hour in that illustrious competition which has been a who’s who of  for 70 years. She also road 22.13 for 10 at Hull on a road frame with clip-on bars and aims to go under 22 minutes this year. She has entered the Tour of Cambridge closed-road TT to try and qualify for the UCI Worlds.

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Charlotte Gorman getting down to business in her first full racing season


Women cyclist are very welcome to come and ride with Centreville, please get in touch

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