Oct 262017

This event marks not only the end of the Cycling Season but also a change in the years seasons. Over the last few years we have had, favourable tail winds, Hail storms, Heavy Rain and localised rain, of note is the fact that of a field of 53, 20 Riders didnt start owing to the conditions.

The fact that the aptly named Phil “Hurt” arranges the event always makes me smile, along with the fact, our own 3 Cragg a week Cragg Maestro, Dave Grogan makes it an unmissable fixture.

Phil Hurt Awards Kieran Savage first prize

Phil Hurt Awards Kieran Savage first prize

After a year focusing on bicycle maintenance more than anything else, I signed up for Cragg. I sent a smoke signal out on on WhatsApp and Jon Taylor and Gary Fleet Jumped on and Joined, Me, Dave, Louis and Andy Mclaughlin

I rode from Littleborough over to Mythholmroyd, it felt cold dropping down to the HQ, which is now in the Dustymiller, with post race beer being delivered on draft rather than in a bottle, much better.


Despite only having ridden the Cragg 129 times in the past 6 years, I am starting to know it a little. Through the valley felt quite good and sheltered. Its through the village I find it hardest as the gradient kicks up. Out onto the moor it appeared Dave had fallen out of favour with the Gods of Cragg, as a mighty cross wind was blowing. It wasnt until the the last  kick up that my minute man caught me, only to be followed by the mighty Jon Taylor, as ever putting the hammer down while also posing for the paparazzi.

Jon Poses For his Personal Paparazzi

Jon Poses For his Personal Paparazzi

The results were in and Dave was pleased as punch to be fastest Vet over sixty with Louis being second overall.


All credit to all the riders especially Dave and Louis for representing the club and achieving outstanding results, you all made me look as if I had be repairing my bike road side Ha, Ha, Ha !

Summary results:

Kieran Savage 16.09

Louis Szymanski 16.29

Andrew McLaughlan 19.30

JonTaylor 22.38

Dave Grogan 22.44

Nick Holmes 26.23



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  1. Nice write up Nick

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